Remembering Lady Diana on her 20th death anniversary

lady diana
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Today marks the 20th death anniversary of the lovely Lady Diana, first wife of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.

Diana married Prince Charles at the age of 19, and became the mother of two lovely boys, Prince William and Harry. She passed down the royal family traditions to them.

lady diana
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Diana passed away in an accident in Paris, France back in August 1997. However, even 20 years later, the world has not been able to forget her, mainly due to her generosity, dedication to charity work, her elegant style and her flawless smile.

Lady diana
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Fans take to Twitter to remember Lady Diana:

The world even today remembers her in wonderful words, and dozens are posting about her on twitter!

Today, hundreds of people gathered outside of the Kensington Palace to drop off flowers and letters. Prince William and Prince Harry came out to meet them, and accepted the tokens of love from the well-wishers.

lady diana
Well-wishers outside the Kensington Palace

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