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In the most bizarre turn of events, a girl named Dr. Minhal Aly, claiming to be the niece of TV host and religious scholar Amir Liaqat, has said that TV anchor Waseem Badami has left her after a relationship spanning over four years.

The details of the relationship were revealed in a Facebook Live session by Minhal Aly, who is practicing dental surgeon and businesswoman. Minhal started off by saying that if a person, after so much character assassination, does not have the courage to defend himself via a single tweet, then it means Badami is at fault. She further revealed that Badami met her and also visited her house frequently while also challenging Waseem to prove her wrong.

Minhal says Badami met her in the U.S recently, and there was no picture of them available online  because both of them never met publicly as ‘Waseem was often paranoid.’

She even bashed her uncle Amir Liaqat, abusing him live

Minhal has been facing severe criticism on social media from the fans of Waseem Badami. The doctor has further clarified that she did not do this for any cheap popularity as she has an established business to take care of and she is already an ‘inspirational figure for many.’

She even bashed her uncle Amir Liaqat, abusing him live. Minhal said that she never wanted to marry Waseem but only had ‘girlfriend boyfriend’ relationship. She often asked Badami if there was any other woman in his life except his wife.

In a shocking statement, Minhal said that Waseem Badami even came to her house after Junaid Jamshed’s death and she cannot expose the details of that meeting. Swearing to God and what not, Minhal said, if this is not true she should be held accountable which reminded us of promises of many of our political leaders that we are quite used to.

She further declared that famous anchor and Badami’s friend, Iqrar ul Hassan, knew about all this and he was actually the one who allegedly led him (Badami) to this path. She also pointed out Waseem’s alleged secret Nikah with another news anchor Saima Kanwal. Waseem Badami has yet to comment on any of these allegations. Outlook Pakistan tried to obtain Badami’s comment on the issue which will be updated soon as he responds.

Minhal stated that she posted the screenshots of several conversations on Twitter, but since her account is no longer accessible, we couldn’t find any. However, here’s how people on social media have been reacting.

He recommends urgent medical attentionMinhal Aly 1

Waseem Badami has nothing to worry kyun k

Minhal Aly 2

Because Eye ‘Vitines’ are too mainstream

Minhal Aly 3

You’ll have to be a Wonder Woman to date Badami because

Minhal Aly 4

Contacting him right now to acquire SOP’s of judging a person’s personality by voice

Minhal Aly 5

Sahi baat hai WTH

Minhal Aly 6


  1. Dont talk like this about that lagend… this is no more than rubbish… waseem badami is an honest man.. we belive on what ever he said whatever he do…. he just a man to be love…..

  2. yr plz waseem badami aisa nai hay….aur agar hay b to (jo k wo nai hay) to ap ko kia masla hay…uss ki personal life ko youn mat uchalo…uss nay hamesha yehi laha hay k mujhay media pay apni personal life k baray may baat krna pasand nai….so plz iss type ki posts na karo


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