Carrie Fisher of Star Wars

Hollywood actress Carrie Fisher, known as Princess Leia in the Star Wars died due to the cardiac arrest. Her fans are lucky in the regard that they would be able to see her work even after her death.

The lady had just wrapped her shooting for the sequel of the movie Star Wars; Episode Viii.

The new movie is just in the post-production phase and more likely to release in December 2017.  Her role of Leia Organa had also received popularity in The Force Awakens; the previous movie of the Star Wars sequel, released in 2015.

Carrie Fisher was likely to appear in the ninth sequel to the film too, but Lucas Films the owners of Star Wars has not yet announced whether someone would replace the actress or another such arrangement to cover up her loss would be made.

Well, this is indeed a big news for Carrie Fisher’s fans as they would be able to see the favorite star’s fresh work on the cinema’s screen. Same sort of incident had happened when Paul Walker; the leading actor of Fast and Furious had died before the release of his film’s next sequel. Later, rest of the movie was shot without him. Fast and Furious 8, the next sequel of the movie is all set to release, as its trailer is already out.


There is another tragic news for the Fisher’s fans as her mother Debbie Renold also passed away next day, she was 84 years of age. Despite the age difference of 24 years, both looked like sisters rather than mother and daughter.


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