Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party has selected the Nadeem Afzal Chan as its new General Secretary, after the death of Jahangir Bedar. The party also picked the Qamar Zaman Kaira as the President of PPP Punjab; Kaira has also served as the Information Minister in the last govt. Of the PPP.

The death of the Jahangir Badar has already left a huge vacuum not only in party’s central leadership but also in Punjab The party’s situation in Punjab is already in serious jeopardy and seriously needs attention if it wants to boost its popularity in the centre, as it has become confined within Sindh.

Selection of Nadeem Afzal Chan on the critical position of the general secretary may help the party to restore its previous status as he is known as a die heart jayala and staunch supporter of the Bhutto’s ideology. He is amongst very few PPP supporters who still succumb to the party’s vision and ready to put their heart and soul for doing a politics laid on the foundation of true ideology.

People’s party rose to prominence in the late 60s and amassed enormous popularity from the youth of that time; unfortunately, the party is facing a serious leadership crises and downfall in popularity due to lack of ability to evolve with time. Further, there is no representation in the party from the young generation, and It is still exploiting the Bhutto’s ideology to grab attention even it has already eroded despite the huge claims of its being ever-green.

Political parties always need the vision of leaders and enthusiasm of its workers to ensure that their ideology gets mainstream and becomes acceptance; this is much evident in the case of PPP, the party’s whose workers left a precedent for leadership worshiping. To bring back, its lost charisma and popularity the PPP need rejuvenate the spirit of lates 60s and 70s in its workers.


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