Response of Khawja Asif on fake news; what should Israel learn?


The Response of Khawja Asif, Pakistan’s defense minister, on the fake news attributed to Israeli defense ministry threatening Pakistan, has resonated once again the Pakistan’s stance on Arab-Israel conflict.

“I was just joking, you took it way much serious,” the same sort of situation was observed after Pakistan’s defense minister Khwaja Asif responded to a hoax news that quotes Israeli Defence Minister, “threatening to destroy Pakistan with a nuclear attack.”

“Israeli def minister threatens nuclear retaliation presuming Pak role in Syria aginst Daiesh… Israel forgets Pakistan is a nuclear state too”. Khawja Asif said in a tweet.

Although the news was wrong and people mocked it on social media, still it reminded of an issue right on the center of the world that is disrupting the world peace. The stance of Pakistan on Israeli aggression against Palestine has echoed once again in the form of Khwaja Asif’s statement. The rapid response of the Israeli defense minister also throws light on the importance of the matter.

Pakistani Minister of Defence did a little engineering of Israel. Although it was a false news made viral but forced Israeli Ministry of Defence to respond to the strong message from Islamabad.
Although, pundits in Islamabad do not consider it in the interest of Pakistan to issue statements like this tell that Govt in Islamabad takes the issue of Palestinians very seriously apropos to the Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s views of Israel.

Addressing a mass meeting in Bombay on November 8, 1948, Quaid-e-Azam said,

“We Musalmans of India, are one with the Arab world on this issue. It is not a question of a National Home for Jews in Palestine. It is a matter of Jews reconquering Palestine, which they had lost 2000 years ago, with the help of British bayonets and American money. I have no enmity against Jews. I know they were treated poorly in some parts of civilized Europe. But why should Palestine be dumped with such a large number of Jews? If Jews want to reconquer Palestine, let them face Arabs without British or American help”.


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