Revelations of BSF soldier cause trouble for the Indian Army


BSF soldier about Indian ArmyAfter the Indian BSF (Border Security Force) soldier openly talked about the food crises in his video, social media users from India and Pakistan slammed the Indian Army for corruption and depriving the troops of the food.

In his video message Taej Bahadur Yadav had told that there was no lack of food supply but the officers of higher rank sold the food in the market to earn money, leaving the poor soldiers to starve.

BSF couldn’t stand the criticism and immediately came out to respond by accusing the Taej Bahadur as an alcoholic.

Indian Army that claims to launch the surgical strikes on Pakistani land against the said militants is not able to probe the corruption within its institute. Soldiers are complaining about not getting enough food while force is busy in provoking the conflict on Line of Control. The country that spends billions of rupees on purchasing weapons and warfare goods is not able to provide food to its soldiers whom It assigns the task of carrying out shelling and bombing on neighboring people.

Users also identified the real issues being faced by the Indian nation, but the government is just busy in focussing on non-issues.

Users also highlighted the new goals for Indian army that might replace with the mission of launching surgical strikes.


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