An astonishing 40% decline of visas has been noticed under Trump’s new government, whereas there has been an increase of 28% grant of visas to the Indians.

Not more than 4000 visas were granted to Pakistanis this year in the months of March and April. Whereas, under Obama’s administration the average grant of visas to Pakistanis per month was 6553. The Indian nationals received around 87,000 visas in April and about 97,000 visas in March, while the monthly average of visas granted to Indians last year was 72,082. This decline in visas to Pakistan is now being very obvious, despite the fact that Pakistan is not under Trump’s “travel ban” countries.

Although it is believed that Pakistan is not the only Muslim country to be facing these visa problems, we think this decline may also be a result of Pakistan’s developing relations with Russia and China through China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Through these trade relations, Pakistan is expected to be in the top 20 countries with the strongest economy in the world by 2030.

Daniel Coats, the director of U.S Intelligence quite openly presented that Pakistan is taking China’s help in a situation where it has realized its international isolation, keeping in view that the Indo-U.S ties are strengthening. He also explained that due to the trade system developing in Pakistan with China through CPEC, there may be an addition of the militants and terrorist targets.

Similarly, Russia and Pakistan’s relations are surprisingly present on good grounds nowadays. Pakistan and Russia have signed a MoU together, accordingly to which Iqra University and MGIMO will strive together towards development and strengthen relations between Russia and Pakistan. Russia is also very keen to be developing trade relations with Pakistan now, considering how smooth the relations between Pakistan and China are going. It could also help eliminate joblessness in Pakistan soon. Russia’s second largest religion is Islam, and most proportion of Russia’s army even consists of Muslims. This could be a plus point between strengthening relations between the two countries.

Due to the history of reading aggression between the U.S and China and the acts of U.S to impose sanctions on different Russian companies along with the Syrian airbase missiles attack by U.S, Russia and China are not on good terms with the U.S. Now seeing these counties have sound relations with Pakistan, perhaps it’s a bummer to the U.S government and the hidden reason behind declining the grant of visas to Pakistan is due to its international relations with these countries.


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