Rishi Kapoor on Kulbhushan Jadhav

Every matter of particular interest between India and Pakistan always makes two headlines; First on the news and second on veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor’s opinion on that news.

Recently, Pakistan gave death sentence to Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav after trial, for his involvement in activities to destabilize Karachi and Balochistan and creating turmoil in the region.

Rishi Kapoor who considered this act as an attempt to sabotage peace between both the countries took to Twitter for citing his opinion.

The tweet only paved the way for a social media war between India and Pakistan.

This Pakistani user, who tried to convince a pacifist person about Pakistan’s stance with the help of stats about treatment with spies, didn’t succeed in keeping her cool and ended up using such language.

Pakistani girl response to Rishi Kapoor Rishi Kapoor

So, here began a long exchange of tweets that started the feud.

After, this Rishi Kapoor blocked the girl.

Here is what Fariha had to say then

Soon after Indian media reported Rishi Kapoor’s interaction with a Pakistani girl, news websites on both side picked the story and reported it in their way.

Here are the popular headlines from both the countries.

Headlines from India

Rishi Kapoor gets into Twitter fight with Pakistani woman over Kulbhushan Jadhav; India Tv

Rishi Kapoor gets into ABUSIVE Twitter fight with Pakistani Woman; Bollywood Life

Mind your language… Rishi Kapoor loses temper on Pakistani woman on Twitter; Indian Express

Rishi Kapoor abused by Pakistani woman on Twitter; Deccan Chronicles

Headlines from Pakistan

Rishi Kapoor just got schooled by a Pakistani girl on Twitter; Mangobaaz

Death Sentence to Kulbhushan Jadav exposes real face of Kapoor; Daily Pakistan

Pakistani girl lashed out at Rishi Kapoor’s Tweet. It started a feud between citizens of two nations; Parhlo.com

Who Won it?

In the feud between Rishi Kapoor and a Pakistani girl, there was nothing new. Social media users commented according to their mindsets and stance on the matter, while news websites made headlines keeping in view the traditional rivalry of both the nations.

For Kapoor, who is a strong proponent of love and peace between both the countries like many other citizens of two nation, advocating the idea that Eye for Eye would make the world blind was not such an easy thing in the matter of Kulbhushan Jadhav.

Pakistanis have been seeing their dear homeland burning in flames of terror and conspiracies hatched by the rivals had a major role to play in. The government is taking firm action against the terrorists through speedy trials in military court, how it is supposed to spare the one while hanging the other over the cost of justice.

If we are looking forward to advocating peace between both the countries, then steps have to be taken at a policy level. Otherwise, pacifists would continue to face abuse from the victims who are suffering from unrest provoked by the hostile policies of their neighboring country.


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