Roof collapses

A roof of a barn in Raiwind has collapsed that killed three labors and some are injured as well. Reportedly, the injured ones have been taken to the nearby hospitals by the local people and rescue officials for speedy treatment; police has also arrived at the scene for investigation.

DC Lahore has ordered to give proper and best medical treatments to the injured ones and bewailed the loss of three labors, who died by getting trapped under the debris. DC Lahore, Sumair Ahmad Syed, has also directed the Assistant Commissioner of Raiwind to visit the place of incident.

The incidents of collapsed roofs are not new to Pakistan as neither the proper bylaws are made nor the proper execution of laws is held. In this relation, both factory Administrations and Governments are responsible.

A couple of years before, a same collapsed roof incident took place at polythene bag factory in the Sundar Industrial Estate in Lahore which also resulted in several casualties.

To that horrific incident, CM Punjab had ordered to make a commitment that further was supposed to take action against the responsible. Like so many other useless committees, it was one of them as no constructive results released out of such committees.

Instead of making committees, the Government should ensure the execution of laws that will prevent the collapsed roofs incidents. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) building regulations are of no use as no proper implementation of rules have been done.

Usually, the low material used in the making of buildings is declared as a reason of collapsing of roofs. While Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company (PIEDMC) and LDA is responsible in Punjab for supervision at the time of construction of buildings and enforcing the regulations, which they always failed in.

From past horrible incidents of roofs collapsing in Punjab, its Government has still not learned any meaningful lesson to take preventive measures for such eventualities. As a result, these events keep on happening and poor labors’ continue to lose their lives.


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