Analysis on Army Chief

ARY News becomes the indirect victim of Dawn Leaks due to conducting of ruthless and baseless analysis of Army chief’s position in its programme Power Play that aired on the channel on November 11 from 8 pm to 9 pm.

PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Authority) has issued a show cause notice to the ARY News after the Power Play host discussed the impact of the security breach on the legacy of Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif. The anchor of the programme  Irshad Shareef asked his guest Ikram Sehgal to comment on the legacy report of Army Chief after he retires.

He asked “If Gen Raheel Sharif chaired the Core Commander meeting and concluded that there was a security breach, but he failed to take any action against that violation during his tenure, then what do you think how it would impact his image before the world. Does not people believe that a chief who made the terrorists to flee North-Waziristan couldn’t handle a matter of Security breach”?

PEMRA is of the opinion that there was no reason for asking such question and anchor deliberately asked it just to taint the transparent image of Army Chief. Te authority further says that every citizen of the Pakistan is praising Army chief due to his bold action against terrorists, so at the moment raising such questions is just baseless and propagating in nature.

PEMRA asked the channel to submit its response until 4 pm of November, 29 and after this authority would have the discretion to take any lawful action that may include suspension of the programme and even the channel.


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