Ruthlessly abused

A daughter of housemaid of the village, whose life got ruined when married to pimp. Horrible were days when she got ruthlessly abused by Pakistani husband several times when the woman refused to please other males on her man’s desire.

Initially, before marriage when she expressed the desire of working as a beautician, the woman’s family opposed it severely.

“Everyone refused the idea and questioned the profession by asking that now you will work as a barber?” She said to Humans of Lahore.

She was at a young age of 16 when got married to pimp and didn’t realize the fact at the beginning but later with time she came to know about the reality of her husband.

Things became worst when once the shameless man brought two males at home and asked his wife to please them.

“I was about to give birth to our third child at that time, and naturally refused to obey him,” the woman further said.

In consequence of refusal from wife, the man ruthlessly abused the poor lady and kicked her thrice resulting in a miscarriage.

The husband practiced the same again about four to five times asking his wife to get in bed with random men.

Whenever she refused to do so, the lady had to face her man’s wrath in different ways.

Pakistani women are several times the victims of torture of either husbands or in-laws, and so the maid’s daughter was.

“My family blamed me instead of believing and standing up for me when I told them the whole,” she said painfully.

At last, the grieved female left her village and came to Lahore at her friend’s place who not only provided her food and shelter but also helped her get a job at the beauty parlor.

Things started getting better for her, and she soon got her clients as the lady was smart at her job.

But shortly, the woman’s family figured her location out and took her back to the village.

I went back just for avenge,” the brave woman apprised.

The lady on arrival to village told her horrible tale to the family but with a proof this time.

Fortunately, she had recorded some stuff on her phone said by her husband before she left the village.

She made everyone to listen to the recordings which led all the family in complete shock and silence.

The woman’s husband didn’t show up as he came to know about the recorded conversation and later sent divorce papers to her.

Consequently, the ugly tormented relationship ended leading woman’s life in much peace and bliss.


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