So ruthlessly, a daughter let her old mother to be beaten up


A woman’s deepest pain is when she gets ill-treated by her own children. Same is the story of an old mother, who moved to Karachi, with her daughter, after her husband’s death.

The old mother’s son was a drug addict and turned into a beggar, spending all his days on the streets. So the only shelter the poor lady had was her daughter’s home.

The daughters are believed to be the kindest and gentle towards their parents, more than the sons but here the reality contradicts the beliefs.

The poor woman’s granddaughter mistreated her granny several times and often in front of her mother’s eyes; who not even once tried to avert her insolent kid.

The granddaughter used to hate and disrespect her grandmother to the extent that she many times has threatened, abused and beaten the old woman.

“She would often use to kick me in the back, push me off to the bed and told me that if I wouldn’t leave the house, she would try her best to make me suffer,” the grieved woman apprised while telling her story to the Humans of Pakistan.

The devastated old mother told that she has several times complained to her daughter about the grandchild’s misbehavior but she has never even once tried to talk to her daughter.

Things started becoming clear to the old lady that her own daughter didn’t want her to live with them. She has begged so many times to her grandkid, not to hurt but she kept on harming her grandmother.

According to the homeless woman, after four months of tolerating much, she left her daughter’s house and came to the Edhi center where she was loved, respected and understood by the all.

Edhi homes are the blessing for homeless people and not only provide shelter to them but treat them with proper care and respect, which sometimes people’s own blood failed to do.

“After all, I was a burden for my daughter too. I would forgive my grandkid but would never forgive my daughter, she was my blood; she raised her child to disgrace me and never stopped her from misbehaving with me. She doesn’t care whether I am dead or alive,” the old lady told painfully.

A mother that loves her kids the most in the whole world and sacrificed everything for her children’s prosperity should never be treated like a burden.

She is the one who teaches you how to talk, walk and eat but today when she needs your help and support, you efficiently kick her out.

If only these ungrateful people knew that this world let you taste your own medicine one day as well, they would have never wronged anyone.

The heart-wrenching tale of a woman uncovers the real faces of some great evils of our society and unfortunately, those faces are no aliens but our very own blood relatives; as the cases of sons kicking their parents out and parents killing their children are not new to anyone.


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