Sheikh Rasheed and Saad Rafique

Pakistan Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique has appeared to be behind shoe hurling episode involving Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed last week.

A PML-N worker had thrown a show at Sheikh Rasheed when he arrived at the Lahore railway station last Saturday to watch Pakistan Super League (PSL) final at Gaddafi Stadium.

The shoe hit its target, but Sheikh Rasheed did not file FIR against the PML-N worker who was later set free by the railway police. “The script to hit shoe to Rasheed was written by Saad Rafique to teach him a little lesson for continuously targeting his leader Nawaz Sharif over Panama scandal,” a source in PML-N told Outlook Pakistan.

He said it was the perfect platform Saad Rafique chose to humiliate Sheikh Rasheed and so did he succeed. “The poor Rasheed was praising the security arrangements at the Lahore railway station minutes before he was hit by the shoe. Perhaps Rasheed could not read the script of Saad Rafique,” he wondered.

Now with the courtesy of Saad Rafique, Mr. Sheikh Rasheed has joined the club of those who have been hit by the shoe in the public gathering.

It seems that PML-N is willing to go to every extent to stop its opponents or it is jealous of the popularity of Sheikh Rasheed as a leader of common public. Even after being hit by a shoe, he was calm and watched the match by sitting in general enclosure along with public rather than occupying VIP seat even after being offered the one.


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