Saba Qamar Hindi Medium

Hindi Medium, Saba Qamar’s debut Bollywood movie with Irfan Khan would release on May, 12.

New poster of the film has appeared on the Twitter, revealing what it is going to be all about. The picture simply tells that the movie is not only a rom-com but hovers around a social issue that is very commonly faced by our middle class. The film features  Saba Qamar and Irfan who are going to play the role of a middle-class couple striving hard to raise their standard of life and making a transition to another social class, at least this is what the poster indicates. The poster shows, two feet; one with a torn leather shoe while other with a polished shoe, both representing two different classes.

As the name shows, the film is about a middle-class family who is worried about the future of their child and tries to get them best education in the elite schools of the city, which wouldn’t be in Hindi medium necessarily. The story manifests a very common dilemma of middle-class families when it comes to schooling of their children. No doubt, there are be many people in India and Pakistan who can relate it to their personal lives because of the similar nature of struggle they pass through.

Irfan Khan is already famous for making films on social subjects, rather than featuring only romantic aspect of the life of a person. Hindi Medium seems to be kind of interesting as it is based on the social struggle of a couple while showing lighter aspects with a strong message and touch of entertainment.

Saba Qamar whose Pakistani film Lahore Se Aagey remained a hit on box office, had earlier appeared in Manto, a movie that made a decisive role in the struggle of Pakistani cinema to revive.


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