With the arrival of Ramzan in Pakistan, the Ramzan transmissions also come along, and every channel organizes its own transmission. These Ramzan transmissions are also not less than any game shows or competitions where prizes are given for answering the questions of tutti-frutti pious hosts who are shouting right from their throats.

Also some kind of quizzes and debate competitions are contested, and the contestants are judged by a jury sitting over there. You keep switching channels in Ramzan, and you will find these kinds of transmissions going on.

Recently in a Ramzan transmission of a private channel hosted by Sahir Lodhi some debate competition was going on and a female contestant was delivering her speech. Three judges were there to judge her skills, and Sahir Lodhi was not less than a spectator over there though as a host. The contestant’s speech was basically about the troubled waters in which women of Pakistan live. In her speech, she declaimed one of the stanzas from poem ‘Aye Quaid-e-Azam!’

Chor luteray qaatil saray,
Sheher k chowkidaar huay hain,
Hirs o hawis k matwalay bhi,
Dharti k haqdaar huay hain,
Koi nahi ye dekhne wala,
Koi nahi ye poochne wala,
Kin hathon mai soonp gaey
Tum jaan se pyara pakistan,
Quaid e azam aao zara tum,
Dekho apna Pakistan

In midst of all this, Sahir Lodhi interrupted the contestant and started a brutal but unnecessary lecture. According to him the contestant through the stanza was blaming Quaid-e-Azam for the messy situation of today’s Pakistan. Firstly he didn’t let the participant complete the speech so that he could know what she actually meant and secondly a keen observation would tell that nowhere the contestant was blaming Quaid for Pakistan’s inauspicious situation.

Sahir Lodhi either literally didn’t get the stanza, or he actually did that stunt for getting ratings. As the video regarding this whole scenario is viral on the internet so it could be definitely regarded as a stunt to get ratings.

Sahir Lodhi, who is famous for such fake acts, should get a life as no one in Pakistan blames Quaid for Pakistan’s damages. He should be ashamed for shouting on the women and grabbing the right of freedom of speech from her. He gave the impression that he’s the only patriot but even supporting Quaid and showing off your patriotism doesn’t give you any license to misbehave and shout like a moron.

People like these are misusing the platform and their rank and setting the extremely lethal norms of how to be a host. Being the host of a show doesn’t give you the right to insult anyone. You can have your say but that too very maturely and soberly instead of being an ignoramus like Sahir.

If these transmissions are meant to convey the true spirit and message of Ramzan to people, then there is no harm but when the same show in the name of Ramzan would become mere a tool of getting ratings then put up the shutters on them immediately. Because you can’t do cheap tactics in the name of Ramzan to get your filthy goals fulfilled.


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