Sahir Lodhi slams critics

Sahir Lodhi’s debut film Raasta saw a massive flop at Box Office. What caused this multi-talented man who is a producer, actor, director, writer, anchor and what not to fume over, were the harsh critics from bloggers.

It seems that confident Sahir Lodhi who dared to come up with such movie couldn’t muster enough courage for showing a damn care attitude to such critics.

He specially arranged a press conference to lambast the bloggers who gave a negative rating to his movie.

It was not lacking response from the audience on his film, or low earning at the box office that made him come on social media and make the furious speech. The man turned violent only to save the honor of millions of Pakistanis whom these bloggers called cheap.

He referred to the comments of Rahat Hussain and Omair Alvi, who targeted the Sahir Lodhi’s fans for showing interest in his film.

Sahir Lodhi bashes his critics

He also grilled Rafay Mehmood’s verdict on Raasta that he gave at the end of his review of the movie in the words

“People would judge you for watching this film.”

Sahir tried his best to copy king Khan, still had nothing to say in defense of his film. The only card he played was his audience whom these bloggers termed as cheap.

In his conference, he emerged as an activist fighting against racism, inequality and social discrimination that categorizes the individuals by what they go to watch. Yes, it is the choice of the audience where they go, what content they choose to get paid for? If they are willing to pay for a homemade Shahrukh Khan plus Leonardo De Caprio in their local cinemas you don’t have right to judge them, You critics: just keep your anti-national and anti-human comments that are creating a class divide in Pakistan over a film to yourself.


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