Saudi Arabia: ban on women driving has been lifted!


Although neither Islamic law nor the Saudi traffic law clearly prohibits women from driving, the utter conservation kingdom never issued driving licenses to women and the women were detained if they ever tried to get behind the wheel.

While women in other Muslim countries drive freely, it is believed that a fatwa issued in 1990 banned women from driving within the borders of the Kingdom. However, it looks like Saudi Arabia is taking a big step towards making a wide expansion of the women’s rights. It has been announced that by summer next year, the women in Saudi will be allowed to freely drive on the roads.

This might effect the ride sharing services there in the kingdom a lot, considering the fact that several women used apps like Uber to travel around in cities, however, now, they will be holding licenses which will permit them to drive over to where ever they want without much need of ride sharing services anymore.

King Salman and his son, the crowned Prince, have made relatively positive changes towards the development and progress of Saudi Arabia.

This year, it was also announced that for the first time, the girls in public schools would be allowed to play sports and have access to physical education.

Prince Khaled bin Salman has said that letting women drive is a ‘huge step forward’ and the ‘society is ready’.

President of the U.S, Donald Trump, said in this regard that it is a

‘A positive step toward promoting the rights and opportunities of women in Saudi Arabia’


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