Saudi forces thwart an attempt of terrorist attack on the Holy Kaba


Saudi security forces successfully foiled an attempt of terrorist attack on the Holy Kaba, the Sacred and Grand Mosque in Makkah, on Friday.

According to Saudi Interior Ministry, the suspected person involved in the plan to attack the Mosque got hidden in a nearby house when the security forces came to seize him.

The suspect not only refused to surrender but also opened fire on the Saudi forces and exploded himself. Consequently, the building where he was hiding collapsed partly and about nine people got injured out of which six were emigrants and five were security officers.

The Saudi Interior Ministry apprised about foreign involvement in the planned attack on the Holiest Muslim’s Site. The attack has been planned to be executed when Muslims from all around the globe have visited Kaba to mark the end of Ramadan.

“The security personnel will always be able to thwart these terrorist schemes and arrest the suspected ones with the aid of Almighty Allah and support of Crown Prince and custodians of the two Holy Mosques,” said Saudi Interior Ministry.

The Ministry also informed about the development, that the three groups planned the attack and two are from Makkah while one is from Jeddah; about five suspected people are arrested which include one woman as well.

The attempt of terrorist attack is also condemned by UAE and its Interior Minister said that they are standing beside Saudi Arabia in tackling the terrorist activities.

“These¬†atrocious crimes expose the¬†barbarity of the terrorist groups and no one can justify these savage attacks in their right senses,” stated by the Interior Minister of UAE on Saturday.

Since 2014, Saudi Arabia faced several attacks and bombings but the security forces of country maintained their dominancy by not letting any of the terrorists to attack the Holiest Kaba, where Muslims from the whole world come to perform their pilgrimage and the Holy Mosque is highly revered by all.


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