Saudi Police detains the gir
Saudi Police detains the girl for removing abaya in public
Photo; Hindustan Time

According to media reports, Saudi Police held a woman after she violated the Saudi laws by coming out in public without wearing the abaya (A full length, loose fitted modest dress).

As reported by the Al-Sharq, an Arabic language newspaper, the woman was detained after religious police filed the report.

The paper quoted Colonel, Colonel Fawaz al-Maiman, a Riyadh police spokesman, as saying, ““Police officers have detained a girl who had removed her abaya on Al-Tahliya Street, implementing a challenge she announced on social media several days ago,”

According to, a news website an unknown woman had posted on Twitter about her intent to go in public without Abaya. had also posted the picture of a girl wearing a black jacket over ankle-length orange, pink dress.

Whether it is a burqini ban in France or Muslims becoming a victim of racism in America, our sentiments hike up as we see it as a conspiracy against the Islam and attack on Muslim’s freedom of expression and liberty to practice the faith. Yes, all these acts are condemnable, but for Saudi Arabia, it is alright as they are the sole custodian of preserving real Islamic values.

Saudi Arabia has very strict laws regarding the dress code of women; the country also disallows the gender mixing.It also prohibited the driving of cars by women too. The county is not friendly towards the freedom of expression.

As an example Saudi blogger Raif Badawi who courage to initiate open religious and political debate on his online forum was sentenced to 100 lashes and ten years of imprisonment in 2014 after being accused of Blasphemy.

Being legal does not justify any act unless it doesn’t satisfy all the stakeholders. If people have the right to demand freedom of practicing their will in west, then for sure they can also protest and ask the state to grant them independence of living according to their own whims.


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