man beats wife for not allowing second marriage

Take the permission from your wife for the second marriage and if she denies then make her victim of brutal physical and emotional torture.

The recent incident in Gujranwala where a man brutally beat her deaf and mute wife after she refused to allow him for a second marriage, has once again debunked the sufferings of women in the male-dominated society.

According to media reports, the man in Aimanabad area of Gujranwala named as Abdul Aziz assaulted her wife Khadija Fatima in such a poor manner that her one-half became paralyzed. The man also beat the sisters of his wife and dragged his father in law into the street by pulling him from his beard.

The incident gives birth to so many questions.  Why did the man even bother to ask If he was not able to respect his wife’s answer? Do our people just care about taking a formal permission with the only expectation of the yes and if the answer turns out to be no then why they think that right to use power is still reserved for them.

The story also brings into the limelight, that a woman being no less than a man is much sensitive and careful about her self-respect. How come she can tolerate a physical abuse and maltreatment to his father whom he gives perhaps more respect than her husband. In an eastern society where women are habitual of facing domestic violence, there is no end to the emotional torture they face at the hands of their husbands.

Why men don’t understand that completing formalities while paying no attention to the real sentiments is enough to recognize her very human being. Marriage is a social contract, and in such arrangement, there is always sufficient flexibility for the parties to an agreement if they are suffering any loss. If the husband was not able to continue his life with his, diable wife then he could have used some legal or more appropriate way of addressing the issue rather than victimizing her wife with such intense emotional and physical abuse.


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