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Murrad Gillani

You’ve probably already heard of him, because he’s THAT guy who’s done over hundreds of orders of his chocolatey gooey cookies in under 3 weeks. Murrad Gillani is a self taught chef who’s only 20, but his love for food has been there since he was a child.

About Murrad Gillani:

Murrad Gillani was born in Multan but moved to Lahore at the age of six where he was brought up in Lahore. He completed his schooling from LACAS, and completed his A’levels just this year. He is currently on a gap year, picking up the reigns to gear up for Budapest this fall, where he intends to study politics and policy. Throughout his school life, Murrad has been an excellent Parliamentary debates speaker, and has been a part of theatre and performing arts too.

As a kid, he recalls, he was very particular about his food. He has always been able to distinguish between good and bad tasting food, and would only let food that tasted nice to his taste buds go into his tummy! He would refuse eating any food otherwise. Talk about a kid with a diverse taste palette, I can hardly tell the difference between different kind of pastas, LOL!

This quality of being able to distinguish between different foods led to Murrad’s passion towards cooking nice food, which has now become his a creative outlet for him.

Murrad’s take on food:

Initially Murrad only cooked for his family. Whats amazing is he’s a self taught chef who can cook every cuisine you can think of including Italian, French, Pakistani, continental…yes girls, guess you need to pick up your cooking game right about now! However, Murrad says that his go-to cuisine is Italian, because he absolutely loves Italian food.

After constant encouragement from his parents, Murrad decided to share his experience about food with others. Initially he started a food blog, where he would write about and review different foods. Then he started his Instagram business profile, where he’s been posting pictures of the foods he’s cooked and has been getting amazing feedbacks instantly! You can contact Murrad on this profile, just click here.

Murrad’s inspiration is Julia Child, who was an American chef famous for introducing French Cuisine into the states. He intends to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, which is the best culinary school in the world. After getting his grand diploma from there, Murrad wants to hit and make a mark in the culinary world! Being a Michelin star chef, he hopes to open a restaurant after attending Culinary School which will offer a wide diversity of cuisines in the menu. He believes in the diversity of foods, due to the diverse palette of tastes of his own.

When asked, Murrad mentions that his favorite places to eat out at Lahore are 2 off our list of places to dine out at Lahore in – Cosa Nostra and Fujiyama. Well, he also loves having food at Sakura, PC, and Dynasty of Avari.

Murrad’s famous cookies:

Oh, you must be thinking about the cookies I mentioned beforehand. Well, here’s what they look like:


They’re full of chocolate, with dairy milks all over them, and they look absolutely heavenly! Damn, I drool every time I lay my eyes on these. Murrad put a lot of research into the recipe for these, and we guess the handwork’s really paying off. People not only from Lahore, but, from other cities are also talking about and contacting Murrad for he’s chocolatey gooey cookies! He also makes foods like Pasta, Lasagna, peri bites etc on orders.

Ever since Murrad Gillani started his Instagram profile, he’s had a lot of positive comments. This adds to the passion for cooking this self taught chef has. Its a motivation for Murrad, and we really hope to see him as not only on of the best chefs in Pakistan in the future, but we hope he is categorized as one of the best chefs of the world. May his cookies take over the world!


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