When selfies turned into killfies


According to the research done by the scholars of the Carnegie Mellon University of USA and Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology of Delhi, about 127 people had died while taking selfies from March 2014 to September.

The study was titled as, “Me, Myself and My Killfie: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths.”

Surprisingly, Pakistan and India were on the top of the countries with highest death rates due to selfies.

Here are some horrible examples when selfies turned into killfies and people left the world while capturing their coolest and happiest moments.

1. Ramon Gonzalez died while a ride

He was a rapper and many of his works were super hit. He died on May 10, 2014, while clicking a selfie during a ride on his motorbike.
He instantly lost control over the bike and hit by the coming vehicle.

2. Sylwia Rajchel died while her dream vacation

A young tourist girl, Sylwia Rajchel, of 23-year-old, died while taking selfies on the famous Puente de Triana bridge in the Southern Spain during her vacation.

She lost her balance on the ledge of the bridge and slipped into fifteen inches concrete footings of the structure.

3. Jamshed Khan died on a railway track site

Jamshed Khan, a Pakistani man, of 22-year-old, died when he tried to take a selfie right in front of the coming train.

He was a worker in the railway station and while looking at the phone, the man didn’t realize that the train¬†was much closer to him than shown in the mobile’s camera and eventually squashed by the train.

4. Seven youngsters died in a picnic

Seven youths died in India while taking selfies in a local boat during their picnic near Mangrul Lake in Kuhi Taluka.

All of them in the boat gathered at its one side to click the selfies but the boat went out of balance and tilted.

Consequently, all of them fell and drowned into the water. After much efforts, their dead bodies were found.

5. A Japanese tourist died in Taj Mahal

A Japanese tourist died on the stairs of India’s Taj Mahal while taking a selfie on the stairs. According to the eyewitness, the tourist slipped on the stairs while clicking a picture and lost consciousness immediately, resulted in head injuries and later died.

The quest for one good selfie can take so many lives, so, everyone must be very careful while clicking the memorable moments.

No one wants to turn their happiest moments into accidental ones and most importantly, relishing the moment is more needed than capturing it.


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