PSL opening ceremony sold out stadium remained empty – thanks to Najam Sethi protocols for Sheikh Al Nahyan and his former boss Musharraf which stopped ticket holders entry.

People continued waiting outside the stadium for opening ceremony as roads to the stadium were blocked and denied entry to those who reach well before time around half an hour to an hour ago on account of protocols.

UAE President Sheikh Al Nahyan who came to the Dubai International Stadium for addressing the ceremony was half hour late. He was accompanied by the Ex-president of Pakistan Pervaiz Musharraf; the roads were blocked for giving them protocol and audience remained stuck on the road. Does that mean that Sethi has stabbed at the back of PML-N by giving protocol to Musharraf, despite the fact that former has granted him with such a lucrative post?

The opening ceremony of PSL season 2017 just proved that Pakistan is capable of launching its league and continuing it for the next year, but it is still unable to save the ordinary people from humiliation at the hands of VIP culture.

Najam Sethi didn’t bother to apologize for the audience who had to bear the cost of this protocol without any gain or entry in the opening ceremony of PSL 2017.

PSL is all about Pakistan and Pakistani people. Najam Sethi must have taken this into account that people feel humiliation on such acts especially when they are enthusiastic about attending an opening ceremony of a cricket league of their country but can’t make their way in as their efforts become a victim of VIP culture.

Even, the entire stadium was sold out. Still, spectators became the victim of VIP culture and could not make it to the venue for witnessing the ceremony.

The audience at the PSL opening ceremony seemed to enjoy the every single moment of the game, but the question is where was the audience. Despite spending huge money on the event management was not able to fill all the stands at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium, because they prioritized the VIPs over the crowd that had to make the event lively.


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