Sevil Shhaideh PM of Romania

In this time when anti-muslin sentiments in Europe are at rife, Romania is likely to appoint Sevil Shhaideh, as its first female and Muslim Prime Minister for the first time in history.

In Romania where more than 865 population is Orthodox Christian, about 4.5% of the population is Roman Catholic, and only 0.3% population constitutes Muslims; the appointment of a Muslim population is astonishing.

The female leader belongs to the Social Democratic Party of Romania that won December 11, General Elections by taking 45 percent of the votes. Liviu Dragnea, the chairman of the party, proposes the name of Sevil Shhaideh as he was personally not eligible to become the PM because of conviction against him for committing the electoral fraud. The man was also given two years of suspended sentence.

52 years old Sevil Shhaideh belongs to Tatar minority of Romania. She is an economist, although she is very little known in the political arena her reputation about her competency is very sound. In 2015 she served as the minister of regional development, and now she was in the same ministry as an official.

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Nomination of  Sevil Shhaideh is also surprising in the regard that observers think of her more as a manager and administrator rather than a politician, pertaining to her background in economics.


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