Shah Rukh Khan in TED Talk

Shah Rukh Khan, the great actor of the modern time, has talked about his success in TED talk. He shares dynamics of success and failure. The great artist unveils the mystery of dreams and worth of money in his life. He puts light on the purity of human relations, and says that he just entertains people and fulfills their desires and everything that comes in addition to this is just “peripheral.” An artist is a sensitive and emotional creature; similar expression dripped from his speech when talked with a diverse audience.

The great khan’s talk about dreams and failures attracted millions, and his video went viral. Mr. Khan shared his life experiences and said that he had experienced many failures, and worked hard due to fear of failures or to avoid unemployment. He says that right path to success is through the fear of failure.If you won’t be scared enough to fail you are unlikely to succeed” added the great Khan.

The famous Bollywood celebrity also reveals the secret of success saying that “if you can work hard and if you have a bit of talent and you believe in yourself, that’s more than enough to achieve your dreams, you need nothing else.” Being a great hero, he has also been a source of inspiration for youngsters, because of his hardworking and creative styles. We have experienced unique techniques he has been using for the promotion of his films.

All time favorite Shah Rukh Khan also puts light on the emotion of love and says that whatever moves you, whatever urges you to create and build, keeps you from failing, helps you to survive, is perhaps the oldest and simplest emotion to humanity, and that is love. His words were emotional and inspiring that they hit the hearts and minds of millions of youth.


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