Shahrukh Khan wearing Shalwar Qameez

In Pakistani culture Shalwar Qameez occupies a prominent place when it comes to dressing. The attire brings an adorable and graceful look to men who wear it. Perhaps, this is the reason why a superstar like Shahrukh Khan couldn’t keep him off this apparel that is surely a cause for framing a more distinguished look.

It seems like there is a Don vs. Raees competition when it comes to an overhaul of the Shahrukh’s character in his very new film. At the same times, the race also extends to the level of dressing like which is more compelling to bring an authoritative but equally charming look to a man while retaining his very status of a superstar.

Shahrukh Khan in Shalwar Qameez
An Adorable look of SRK with Peshawari Chappal and Shalwar Qameez

The pictures of Shahrukh Khan in Shalwar Qameez are proof that dress doesn’t lag behind in any way when it comes to bringing certain uniqueness and making a person stand distinct.

Here, all the credit can’t go merely to dressing; we can’t skip the mention of “Peshawari Chappal” that just adds an extra grace to a dictatorial look, but it doesn’t mean that dress is the only sign of voicing a command. It just brings a certain sense of broadmindedness, makes you feel easy comfortable and at the end behave in a quite an impressive way.

Raees is all set to release on 25th January, and we juts hope that this quite desi look of Shahrukh Khan with our very own Mahira Khan comes up with a new streak of entertainment and enthusiasm on screen.

Those who are not used to wearing this traditional attire but want to wear it in the coming season should also take a note how King Khan has worn it. At the end of the day what matters is how a person can carry a dress more elegantly.


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