Shan Ad shows how biryani can strentghen Pak-China friendship


CPEC has given Shan Foods another target market and they are back with their new biryani ad, this time hitting the Pak-China friendship with the food.

New Shan Ad that exhibits a certain degree of ambiguity is surely a ready-made content for upcoming social media memes and is likely going to beat their previous one that served as an ultimate entertainment stuff.

First, the food company wanted to replace the love of homeland, mother, and country with the single dish of Biryani through their previous ad and now they think that same food can actually remove the cultural barriers.

Thanks to CPEC that we are seeing much Chinese around us, we have already got a lot more Chinese restaurants in Pakistan, no need to mention Chinese version of almost every product but this Biryani ad tries to prove that it’s actually food that bridges the cultural gap between two different ethnicities.

Chinese Food

Perhaps she doesn’t know that in Pakistan Noodles are used as an alternate food by many households, especially when kids outrightly reject not so a favorite meal at lunch.

Yes, even food is not the same but still, a Chinese girl couldn’t stop the urge to marry a Pakistani man and leave her country to live in Pakistan forever.

Here is the one example that recently went viral.

Pakistani man marries a Chinese

We hope the man didn’t ask her that she must know preparing Biryani as a pre-requisite of marriage.

Well, these are the impacts of globalization but here is a point to worry for the actual lovers of this food.

The Pakistani nation is largely divided when it comes to Biryani, karachiites think that their version is the best and what is being sold in other parts of the country is merely a deception.

Depending upon the distance from the culture of origin taste of the food changes, even the Pakistani-Chinese food is not exactly Chinese. Does this Shan ad herald that we are going to experience another version of Biryani that our neighbor country is going to bring in for conveniently mingling with our culture?

If it is all about the same taste, then why there are so any differences between India and Pakistan?


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