Between all the seriousness and chaos of the JIT investigations, Sharif family gave us something to laugh about when they got caught by using a Calibri font in their documentation which was dated before the release date of the font.

It all started when Maryam Nawaz submitted fake documents during the JIT investigations and was accused of misleading the Supreme Court.

Pictures of JIT’s report surfaced which stated that the font style used in the documentation is Calibri which was not made public before January 2007; that implies towards the fact that those declarations were fake. This made social media burst and after listening to what everybody had to say, we are not complaining.

While some made jokes about it, other people actually put their investigating boots on to get to the bottom of the situation on their own.

calibri font

While some remain indecisive

No matter what the case is, we are sure it would look really bad on Microsoft’s account if everyone found out that the true creators of the Calibri font were not them but the Sharif family, so let’s keep it quiet and let it slide.


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