Shaukat Khanum’s investment in Thailand comes back


Imran Khan has lately explained that he made an investment for Shaukat Khanum in Thailand, which unfortunately had been returned.

Formerly a PML-N supporter, Javaid Hashmi, had made the discovery of this land investment and spoken about it. The public now wonders whether Imran Khan would have ever spoken about this investment himself or not if Javed Hashmi had never brought it up? Considering the fact that the investment was as big as Rs. 3 million, if the business failed, then all the donations of people would be all in vain as well. Public in general from all over Pakistan enthusiastically takes part in the donations whether materialistically or monetarily for Shaukat Khanum. However, Javed Hashmi says that this does not give Imran Khan the right to use their money as an investment, because that money was for donations towards the welfare of the patients and hospital, not to be put up in market. Imran Khan is not being the best role model for public, and especially the youth these days.

Moreover, one question still stays, that how did Imran Khan send the money to Thailand? Was a bank transfer made, and if so, is there a money trail available for him to present to the public? There are several details with which we will update you as we receive them as well.


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