Sheikh Rasheed eating Biryani

Sheikh Rasheed can’t resist his temptation to eat biryani even before the audience. The man just ordered his pack on the stage and started eating the spicy dish while facing the people. He was able to do this in front of people with firm confidence, but suddenly Imran Khan glanced laughing at him, here came the actual facepalm moment where Sheikh Rasheed finally felt some embarrassment and couldn’t hide his emotions due to constant blushing. The aggressive Pindi boy famous for his real life action stunt is surely not an exception when it comes to feeling a stimulus and respond like an ordinary human being.

Shiekh Rasheed is acting as a key alloy of PTI for fighting the Panama case in the court, and a playing the role of interesting stuff to make for spicy media highlights. The man has also contributed as a moderator between the leadership of PTI and PAT (Pakistan Awami Tehreek). Interests of the Sheikh Rasheed are not limited to food and politics, but he seems to be quite well versed in literature too. Earlier, he caught attention while eloquently describing the PMLN lawyer’s arguments in Supreme courts as a novel of the Razia Butt.

His wit didn’t end here; he also equated the letters of Qatari Prince written for Nawaz Sharif and family as the letters written by Prince Salim to Anar Kali ( a character from the famous Urdu play “Anar Kali). We are not sure whether there was any lettered communication between the love birds or not, but Sheikh Rasheed has proven that he also mastered in the art of making a simile.


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