Sheikh Rasheed buy PSL ticket for Rs 500

Whether these are elections or the PSL final, Sheikh Rasheed never fails to get a ticket.

But his recent attempt was aimed at being labeled as the representative of common people.

Sheikh Rasheed has shown his enthusiasm towards PSL final just like the young people; he seems to be in no mood to skip the fun that final at final at Lahore is going to offer.

The Pindi boy was smart enough to grab his Rs 500 ticket before they were out of stock. Although, there was the option of buying Rs 4000,  Rs 8000 and Rs 12000 tickets too.

Sheikh Rasheed who claims to be an Awami Leader (Leader of the ordinary people) has vowed to watch the exciting event the general public while chanting slogans and roaring on every smash making ball to ousted the stadium responding to the every player coming back to the pavilion.

He was of the opinion that watching the match while sitting among the public gives more pleasant experience.

According to news reports, PSL management has contacted Sheikh Rasheed and said him to be seated in VIP enclosure and not in general enclosure.

There is no doubt that his stunt to dodge the Police in Rawalpindi for Imran Khan’s dharna and eating biryani while sitting on the stage before the public were enough to gain attention for him on social media.

We just hope that his interaction with the youth and common citizens, if he is looking forward to sitting with them in PSL final would bring out new stuff for social media humor.


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