Sheikh Rasheed to drive ‘Super Express Train’


Renowned politician of Rawalpindi Sheikh Rasheed hinted himself driver of ‘Super Express’ of Pakistan Politics.

In his response to Interior Minister, Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Sheikh Rasheed, who is also known has ‘Pindi Boy’ said while talking to Samma TV, “I am a supporter of a train. I will be the driver of Super Train.”

Earlier, Ch Nisar Ali Khan in his press conference which ended without a Question & answers session from media taunted Sheikh Rasheed as a passenger of a ‘Stray Train.’

“I never changed my train ever either its moving or stop, but some politicians have a habit of changing the trains and this time he is on a directionless train,” said Ch Nisar without naming Sheikh Rasheed.

Sheikh Rasheed has changed and enjoyed joy rides with almost all the major political parties of Pakistan including PPP, PML-N, PML and now supporting PTI with his own Tonga Party.

However, in the ongoing saga of Panama Leaks, JIT’s findings and awaited decision of Supreme Court on Panama Leaks, Sheikh Rasheed claims to be the driver of ‘Super Train’ is vital at this political juncture of Pakistan’s political history. If this is a hint of another Army Coup or he is referring the making of some national government in case of Prime Minister’s disqualification and a later decision of PLM-N leadership to come out by dissolving the assemblies for entering in an early General election.

The story is likely to unfold in the coming days once the Supreme Court announces the reserved judgment on Panama Leaks case and an expected disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.


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