Sheikhupura’s hawker grabbed 1st position in Punjab Matric Exams


A true epitome of courage and hard work, Osama from Sheikhupura, the young hawker grabbed 1st position in Punjab Matric Board Exams.

Being orphan and elder child of his family, with the aim of educating himself, he also takes the responsibility of earning for the family.

For this purpose, he set a stall and worked as a hawker; studying in Government High School despite a lack of facilities, he topped the arts group in Matriculation exams with 1020 marks.

Earlier after his father’s death when he set to be a hawker, the young Osama got burdened as he had to continue both work and studies simultaneously.

“While in school in the morning, I used to get worried that after school I have to earn for my family,” Osama said to Dawn News.

Osama’s mother is also proud of his son who achieved massive success despite worst circumstances.

The young hawker used to visit a school in the morning, then set his stall after school till evening and later at night with hard work, he used to devote himself to his studies.

The Sheikhupura’s boy has requested the Punjab Government to aid him financially so he can continue his further education with ease.

The same Government of Punjab, which recently also made a policy to award extra marks to hijab wearing students of universities and colleges.

However, to get such high scores in humanities group is not an easy task but Osama proved that with passion and will, one could move the mountains as the hawker grabbed 1st position.

As Pakistan is full of talented and courageous youth, before Osama, GC university’s blind student also set an example as she became the first sightless person to have her Ph.D.


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