Shahrukh Khan Raees

Some films already become a hit even before their release. Same is true for Shahrukh Khan’s film Raees that is all set for release on 26 January 2017. Unfortunately, the film has already faced a myriad of controversies and caused troubles, even before it has made to the cinemas.

Here are the four top problems this movie suffered before its release.

Lead Female Role of Mahira Khan in Raees

The very first obstacle was the lead role of Pakistani actress Mahira Khan in the film. Like all other movies that starred the Pakistani actors, Raees also faced critical reaction from right-wing radical political parties in India that sought a ban on the Pakistani actress. After the release of trailer, controversy of Mahira Khan’s inclusion in promotion resumed. Shahrukh Khan had to personally assure to MNS that Pakistani actress wouldn’t be a part of film’s promotions after which the movie team got rid of first trouble.

Objection of Shia Community on movie’s trailer

Another controversy spurred after the Shia community raised its objections on an action scene in the Raees trailer where Shahrukh Khan crosses over an Alam. Hindustantimes quoted the Samar Abbas

Hindustantimes quoted the Samar Abbas Jaidi, the spokesperson of United Shia Front who said, “The actor is shown crossing over an Alam (a Shia religious structure) in a chase sequence. It is strictly prohibited for anyone to cross over the holy structure. We will boycott the movie in the district if the film is released without removing the scene.”

In a letter issued to the CBFC (Censor Board of Film Certification) representatives of Shia community has requested the censor board to remove such offensive scenes from the film that can hurt the sentiments of the community.

Demand for 101 Crore compensation for alteration of facts

Raees is said to be a real-life inspiration from a gangster Abdul Latif. The son of the Abdul Latif has claimed that facts about his father’s life have been altered or misrepresented, that why he should be paid compensation money of 101 crores.

Release Clash with another Bollywood movie Kabul

Another Bollywood film Kaabil that stars Hrithik Roshan is also set to release on the same date on which Raees would release. In this regard, Shahrukh Khan’s movie that is going to play a significant role for the actor is facing fierce competition.


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