Mahira Khan Starer recieves Threats

The season of threats is not over for the Raees yet as the film distributors are facing a tough time on behalf of Shiv Sena.

Hindu extremist organization Shiv Sena has threatened the film distributors for screening the movie, that is scheduled to release in cinemas on January 25.

Famous film distributor Akshaye Rathi has shared a letter on Twitter, that he received from the Chattisgarh wing of the Shiv Sena. The letters threatened the merchants for being ready to face the worst consequences if they screened the movie that stars Pakistani actress.

Akshaye Rathi said, “All of us exhibitors in Chhattisgarh have got these letter which the subject reads a request for the ban on Raees. The body of the letter asks all exhibitors not to screen any ‘Desh dro hi’s film, ‘s’ and if the cinema owners do so, they will be solely responsible for all the consequences. It’s signed by Rakesh Shinde, Chhattisgarh Shiv Sena head. were the letter dated 5th January and was delivered to our day before yesterday.” reported the Indian Express.

Indian extremist voices are not limited to the ban on Raees, but they have also become more intense against the nomination of Pakistani actors and singers in the key categories of the 62nd Jio IIFA Awards.

Shiv Sena gives threats to distributors for releasing Mahira starer Raees


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