Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik, our very own Pakistan Cricket Team’s experienced allrounder, has recently come up with a movement #PakistanZindabad on Twitter to mark the 70th Independence Day of the motherland.

The former captain wants to make a world record by making it the longest trend on the social media platform.

As the cricketer has always got his wife’s support and recently the couple celebrated their wedding anniversary, it would be exhilarating to know that whether the Tennis star Sania Mirza will support her husband’s initiative on the Twitter this time or she will launch any other movement for the Indian Independence Day.

It would be very overwhelming for Pakistanis if Sania could support her husband and celebrates Pakistan’s Independence as we witnessed Shaniera Akram, who also played a model in Junoon’s music video.

However, after analyzing Twitter much, Malik initiates the movement of setting this trend and making it the biggest ever to break the record of 39 days long trend.

Shoaib Malik intends to use the power of social media and asking his fellow countrymen for making it a gift to Pakistan on its 70th birthday.

“Let’s give the best gift to our country on our 70th Independence Day celebrations this year,” the cricketer said.

While writing about his movement, the former captain talks about the use of Twitter for reflecting the political issues.

So he asks everyone to play their part this time for celebrating Pakistan by tweeting any great thing about the country with hashtag #PakistanZindabad.

Furthermore, he requested to join and continue the practice till it became a world record and asked all the users to bring in ten persons to follow the trend.

Consequently, many big names already started supporting the movement on Twitter.

Also, the trend has become the top one in Pakistan, and Shoaib Malik was overwhelmed with the response.

Initiating such practices are undoubtedly healthy things for not only Pakistan, but it also provides to use the social media for some great causes.


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