Hadiqa Kiani arrested in UK for smuggling drugs

Pakistani pop singer Hadiqa  Kiani has been arrested on Monday at Heathrow Airport London for smuggling drugs.

Customs and Border Protection Police at the Airport found 2-Kilogram of cocaine that was stuffed in the coffee bags. Upon suspicion, authorities searched her suitcase and found two coffee bags stuffed with cocaine, metro-uk.com reported.

Later, the singer was taken to the private search room. Upon further search after which authorities found another bag white powder that tested cocaine positive.

After concluding that Hadiqa Kiani was involved in smuggling police arrested her and handed off to the Port authorities. London District Attorney would prosecute her according to the relevant drug smuggling laws, and she would face trial there.

According to officials, the estimated worth of narcotics was about £80,000.

Metro quoted Robert E. Perez, Director of UK Border Agency London Field Operations who said while commenting on the arrest of Hadiqa Kiani, “this seizure is another example of UK Border Agency being vigilant in protecting the United Kingdom from the distribution of illicit drugs.”

Later, Hadiqa contradicted the news as she was in Lahore with her family and didn’t know how British media associated her with drugs smuggling.


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