Salman Ahmed

Salman Ahmed, Famous Pakistani singer and former guitarist of the now defunct band Junoon has cancelled his Indian tour for singing at a concert.

The singer took this decision while manifesting his patriotism for the Pakistan. He told a news channel that he could not be a part of this hypocrisy on the name of peace when Modi government is hell bent on violating the Pakistani frontiers.

The concerts to be started in India on 15 December, was an initiative to promote peace through art, but Salman Ahmad ultimately denied to be a part of all this effort in the time when government across the border is not willing to stop its aggressive army.

The action of Salman Ahmed can be deemed as a protest against the India’s atrocities in Kashmir and its encroachment on LoC in the form of shelling and bombing on citizens and civil population.

The recent skirmishes between Pakistan and Indian Army on LoC further worsen the relation between both countries. Yesterday almost nine innocent citizens due to the bombing of Indian soldiers on a passenger bus in Lawat, Neelum Valley. In response to this cowardly attack, Pakistan army backfired as a result of which its three soldiers embraced Martyrdom.


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