Veena Malik homage to Pakistan Army

Veena Malik has proved herself quite clever by choosing a patriotic way for making her come back into showbiz with this new Pakistan Army song.

In her, new video song, Aye Dushman e Watan, she has eulogized bravery, strength, and courage of Pakistan army for its robust response to the coward enemy.

In fact, she has blown a trumpet in her thunderstorm voice to warn the rivals about intrepid and lionhearted Pakistan army soldiers who are on their way in the form of a Lashkar-e-Jarrar to crush the trouble mongers.

She stirred controversy for her scandal in Indian reality shows Big Boss, and remained a target of public’s criticism but she has surely come up with a brilliant idea to shove away this denunciation.

Singing a national song by Veena Malik has surely paved way for her to re-enter the showbiz industry in a guise of patriotism.

In Pakistan army is viewed as much revered national institution that safeguards the country and defends its borders against all the threats. For the same reason, the public loves to sway over the tunes of national songs that praise the custodians of national defense and motivate them to fight till death for the noble cause.

Veena’s come back in showbiz industry is surely not sudden as she deliberately made efforts to make things smooth for her by staging few real life dramas that would get her enough media attention.

Actress earlier made her media reappearance by launching her reality-show-like divorce controversy and managed to grab enough attention from media as well as Maulanas. She shocked the audience by releasing a national song on Pakistan Day that was her co-production with husband against whom she filed Khula in the court.


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