Six reasons why you need to visit Hunza this summer

reason why you visit HUNZA

Hunza, known to be a heaven on earth, the renowned mountainous valley in Pakistan, is also a famous tourist and vacation point, located in Gilgit Baltistan.

The mesmerizing natural sights of the valley including totally beautiful lakes and high mountains attract everyone.

The six breathtaking spots of Hunza are the ultimate reasons to visit the place once in a lifetime for sure.

1. Attabad Lake

Attababd Lake is one of the most enthralling places of the valley that can leave you awestruck.

Attabad Lake – PHOTO: HUNZA

2. Ganish Village

The Ganish Village is the oldest place of the vale with a pool and mosque of the bygone time, a must visit.

Ganish Village – PHOTO: DAWN

3. Baltit Fort

The ancient fort of the area has been founded about 700 years ago and since 2004, Baltit Fort has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative list. The rich beauty of the fort compels everyone to add it on the top of the to-see list.

Baltit Fort – PHOTO: HUNZA

4. Lady Finger Peak of Hunza

The spectacular view of the Lady Finger Peak will let even those to visit the place who don’t prefer mountain climbing because of its uniqueness.

Lady Finger Peak – PHOTO: HUNZA

5. Borith Lake

The beautiful lake is located in Upper region of the Vale, surrounded by the rocky mountains and grassy field and the sight of reflection of the bright sky on the lake is so dazzling, that one can’t resist from visiting the lake.

Borith Lake – PHOTO: HUNZA

6. Passu Cones

The Passu cones is another perfectly amazing and beautiful place in the magnificent valley; a paradise on earth.


The totally enthralling Valley has been visited by many tourists every year and it is fully packed mostly in summers.

So, if you are in search of some really good vacation spots, then don’t miss out going to Hunza, you will never regret.


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