PSL final in Lahore Ticket Prices

Security, foreign players, final in Lahore and everything else apart; what is making people raise an eyebrow is the matter of high PSL ticket prices.

Given the exclusive nature of PSL final in Lahore, PCB has taken a chance to loot the public with skyrocketing ticket prices. It is baffling that price of general enclosure pass which is usually 50 Rs has mounted up to 500 Rs, while the price for a VIP enclosure seat has jumped from 1200 Rs to 12000 Rs.

According to City 42, a wave of despair ran among the public when they reached nearby banks to buy the tickets but found helpless when the least expensive pass they could buy cost them up to 4000 Rs.

Even high prices couldn’t make citizens back off from buying the passes, According to reports, 12000 Rs tickets have already been sold online as people are showing immense interest in watching the thrill of PSL final live while being in the stadium.

It is alarming that cricket, a game in Pakistan which is said to unite the country couldn’t prevent the social disparity to reflect through it despite having a good history of promoting players coming from different social backgrounds.

As the PSL final is approaching security is becoming more tight with sporadic traffic on roads, flooded with Army and Rangers men.  Restaurants and marriage halls lying in the vicinity of Qaddafi Stadium has been closed To ensure the fool proof arrangements, raising concerns for the businessmen and workers who would have to bear the loss of this lock down.

Earlier, PTI chief Imran Khan who termed the decision of holding PSL final in Lahore as madness came under the fire of social media. Although Khan opined that holding a match under stringent security measures would send a wrong message, his opinion proved to be a wrong message for foreign cricketers, who used Khan’s statement to the authenticity of their reservations regarding the safety of PSL final.


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