Smog is causing Accidents

At least 10 people were killed whereas 45 others sustained severe wounds as cars rammed into each other at Sukhekhi Interchange today. The mishap took place due to dense smog near Sukhekhi that dropped the visibility. The collision was between 12 cars, getting information about the incident, rescue and police personnel arrived at the scene and shifted the injured to Pindi Bhattian Hospital. Separately in Faisalabad, a crash between cars left two passengers dead and five people injured.

The spell of dense fog that began yesterday continued to disrupt the movement of traffic in Punjab, prompting the closure of several sections of the motorway. Pakistan Metrological expects moderate levels of smog to persist for more 3 days. The M2 motorway, connecting Rawalpindi and Islamabad to Lahore, was closed from Sial More to Lahore in the wake of zero visibility due to dense fog.

A 20-member special team of the Punjab government submitted its initial report on smog to Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Sorry but health and environment are never the priority of CM Shahbaz Sharif, the report will just lie in CM’S cabinet in peace. Shahbaz Sharif knew that he travel with the motorcade, so there is no chance of him or his family indulging in accidents. Also, we are aware that he don’t trust Pakistan’s Health system much and he hardly comes out of his comfortable cars, and office.

A resident of Lahore has filed a petition in Lahore High Court (LHC) calling for legal action to prevent smog in the city. In his petition, Waleed Iqbal has stated that Lahore is among the most polluted cities in the world. Smog and air pollution pose risks to the city’s 10 million residents. The petition claims that the unplanned infrastructure and construction activities in Lahore are responsible for the smog, which is caused when air pollution, emissions and fumes react with fog and sunlight, resulting in a thick grey fog which suspends in the air.

I think that Mr Waheed Iqbal is alien for Lahore. Extremely apologetically but Sir, please leave Pakistan as here we have King Shahbaz Sharif who just likes Shah Jehan’s style of construction, never pays attention to dangerous consequences of it, nor he tries to eliminate them as he is a King. So just keep quiet and enjoy the smoggy weather. Shortly we will see advertisement by Punjab Government that there was scarcity in hazards for people so here comes a new thing by the efforts of khadime-ala, THE SMOG, ENJOY!!


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