Smog is causing Accidents

Pakistan Metrological expects moderate levels of smog to persist for at least five days. Today, after 8 am the residents of Lahore, witnessed thick cloudy blanket of smog over the city.

Smog is a kind of air pollution, initially named in the mixture of smoke and fog in the air. Classic smog results from large amounts of coal burning in an area, and it results from the combination of smoke and sulphur dioxide and other toxic pollutants.

Commuters in Lahore are facing reduced visibility, and there are complaints of respiratory problems and mental anguish.

Inhabitants of Lahore took to social media and are expressing their frustrations by posting pictures of Lahore city and also advising each other to be protected, some tweeters are complaining about governments projects that caused deforestation and also criticizing administration over their no interest in the environment.

(Let’s cut some more trees for another Metro chant Shairrrrr n mock IK for planting trees.We are a self-destructive nation indeed), tweeted Nido. (Everyone is advised to wear breathing masks while going out. You can get these masks for about 15 rupees from any pharmacy), tweeted Liberosis. (Thanks to Khaadim-e-Ala & his unplanned construction (destruction), #smog in #Lahore is creating health issues for people), tweeted Nudrat Khawaja. (Smog is indoors now causing Cough. Eye burn. Breathing difficulties), tweeted Muneeb.

It’s like Lahore is turning into a gas chamber, a toxic cloud of chemicals and smoke enveloping the great city. Dangerous gases such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide also shot up.

The entire population of Lahore is at risk of getting diseases due to ever deteriorating ambient air quality.

It includes toxins like sulphate and black carbon, which can penetrate deep into the lungs or cardiovascular system.

As per the experts, the situation is worse in Lahore where pollution level is much higher than any estimate due to excessive emissions from moving and stationary sources, continuing demolition and construction activity and fast disappearance of trees for development purposes.

There are many measures which government and citizens can take to have fresh air at least in our cities. Government and Civil Society Should Plant Trees.

Focus a team on decreasing the dust from construction sites, outside houses, parks, and generator gases, Controlled burning at the landfill sites using piping and venting to reduce uncontrolled toxic emissions, The vacuum cleaning of roads.

The jet pressure pumps technique for water sprinkling on footpath edges, road bumps, and central verges. These attempts can control dust particles, Install new mist fountains and air purifiers like China did significant traffic intersections and busy shopping mall areas.

People should try to be home especially kids, infants and elders. If someone has to go outside they should cover their faces with masks and glasses (shades/spectators).

Its High time that we should take pollution seriously and raise the level of environment, we are not only disturbing ecosystems, but in some decades these cities will turn into permanent hazards for lives.


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