Recently a picture of a document is seen being shared on the social media which says that any documentation, be it quizzes, reports, transcripts, degrees or thesis, would not be accepted typed in Calibri font.

The document says Higher Education Commission (HEC) on top and is made to look like an urgent annoucement.

calibri font trolls

According to it, any Teacher or student is not allowed to use Calibri font in official documentation of any university and the person who didn’t follow this would be taken action against.

This seemed to have confused a lot of students and teachers as there is no confirmation to this news.

This looks like something a pro-PTI social media accounts or Facebook troll pages have made viral to confuse the institutions.

Whatever might be the reason behind it, these Calibri font trolls have definitely gone too far and it needs to stop as it is becoming an obsession of our people.



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