Sohai Ali Abro

Sohai Ali Abro is known for her over the top antiques and bold portrayals among Pakistani fans. But recently in an interview with a daily magazine, she showed that it’s not all about glitter when it comes to her, and she is quite articulate on social issues. The other perception that she diluted is that celebrities are not really aware of the notion of feminism as was portrayed by Momina Mustehsam and Sanam Saeed in the recent Lux Style Awards.  The responses given by them showed that they were not really aware of the demographics of the Pakistani society. Sanam especially irked fans when she called the term feminism overrated.

But according to Sohai, even though cinema is a medium is used to entertain people, she also stressed the responsibility that movie makers have when it comes to portraying strong female leads and characters that can inspire the notion of gender equality. According to her ” Feminism has absolutely nothing to do with man-hating, playing the victim or bashing the other sex. It’s about giving women a choice, liberation, freedom and equality.”. That is a far cry from her usual self as she has carved a reputation for her portrayal of roles that did not go well with conservative mindset of Pakistani’s.

Sohai Ali Abro
Sohai Ali Abro Pixie Cut

She also expressed and provided an insight into the kinds of roles she portrays. Pakistani cinema is in desperate need for good role models and heroes, and according to Sohai, in the upcoming films, she would be playing diversified characters that are going to prove her acting prowess to the viewers.  She is pinning her hopes on her upcoming movie “Zenith” in which she would be portraying a lead role.  We hope that this lady is going to back her words and our industry would be done with the domesticated “bechari” housewives who are regressive keeping in mind the progress of women in our society.


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