Sonakshi Sinha's film Noor trailer

Trailer of Noor, the film adaptation of Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz’s novel ‘Karachi You are Killing me’ is out revealing Sonakshi Sinha in the role of a struggling journalist.

Through her novel, Karachi You are Killing me, Saba Imtiaz tells the story of a female journalist Ayesha Khan’s struggle to survive and strive for better in the metropolis like Karachi. While in Noor Sonakshi Sinha plays the character of Noor Roy Chaudhry based in Mumbai, by altering the Saba Imtiaz’s version of the story.

While announcing the release of Noor’s trailer Sonakshi said on Twitter.

Saba also shared her thoughts on Noor’s trailer via Twitter.

Talking about her novel she addressed the readers saying,

Saba’s book which written in a hilarious way with a touch of satire narrates the existential crises faced by a girl. It explains her struggle to look presentable, trying to show damn care attitude to the elite class women’s gaze towards her old out of fashion dress in the parties where she barely finds anyone worthy of talking to her except her old pal Saad.

A fan of Karachi you are killing me can’t separate the Ayesha Khan’s life from the dynamics of a city caught in the web of traffic jams, log queues outside the gas stations, sectarianism and political rallies; traits attributed only to the Karachi. So there might be a room of desperation for those who wouldn’t like Mumbai to replace Karachi.

The issue was addressed by a fan who asked Saba how many films was going to resemble the story told in the novel.

Here is the trailer.

Due to deterioration of Pak-India relations followed by the Uri attack, Sonakshi Sinha denied to credit a Karachi-based girl’s life to serve as an inspiration for her role in Noor and said, “All I can say is that I am Playing the role of a Mumbai girl.”


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