Sonakshi plays role of Pakistani girl

Even horrible state of relation between India and Pakistan could not stop artists on both sides to take inspirations from each other. Sonakshi Sinha’s new movie Noor is a prove that art has no boundaries and it can’t be limited within the confinement of borders.

Sonakshi’s film Noor which is all set to release in Indian Indian cinemas on 21st Apri is an adaptation of Pakistani novelist Saba Imtiaz’s Karachi; You are Killing Me. The Novel roams around a Pakistani girl journalist who has to make her way through life while facing the complications of career, relationship, looks, personal grooming and survival in a city like Karachi. For Saba Imtiaz’s fan movie would be a huge on screen treat.

Sonakshi seems to be very excited about her character and describes it as a hurricane which is ready to storm her life.

The film is featuring the Youtube star Kanan Gill, Shebani Dandekar and Purab Kohli and is a debut of director Sunil Siphy. For girls who love to opt for an adventurous life and career, the movie is a worth watch. Sonakshi first didn’t admit that she was playing a role of Pakistani girl due to deteriorating relations between Pakistan and India after Uri attack. She denounced the attacks by stating that she was not playing a role of the Pakistani girl rather her character was an adoption to the Mumbai backdrop.


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