Sridevi’s message for Sajal Ali and Adnan Siddique is breaking the internet

Sridevi sents love to Sajjal Ali and Adnan iddique

The queen of Bollywood came forward to promote her recent release ‘MOM’ which marks her 300th film. In this movie, she shares the screen with Pakistani actors Adnan Siddique and Sajal Ali. This film shows Sridevi in a darker role as the mother seeking justice for her daughter, played by Sajal Ali. Adnan Siddique played her husband’s role.

The film has had two separate premieres in India and Pakistan. It is getting great reviews from both, public and critic. As the whole cast couldn’t celebrate their success together, Sridevi sent a sweet message to Sajal Ali and Adnan Siddique.

Sajal Ali and Adnan Siddique were attending the premiere of their movie when this message came out.

Sridevi was finding it hard to hold back her tears as she sent her love to Adnan and her ‘bacha’ Sajal Ali.

She commended the excellent work of Pakistani actors and ended it with ‘ i miss you all’ and a ‘sorry’.

Sajal Ali, who recently lost her mother, said that Sridevi is her ‘MOM’ and has showered her with bundles of love.

It was obvious that Sridevi was missing her co-stars and wanted to celebrate the moments of victory with them.

This message, however sad it may be, certainly brought tears of joy to our eyes.

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