SriNagar Girl in Shahrukh Khan selfie

A Srinagar girl became the people’s choice of next Bollywood heroine after she appeared in Shahrukh Khan’s selfie. The gorgeous girl whose name is Saima Hussain has become a new social media sensation as a beauty queen who has undoubtedly surpassed  King Khan regarding capturing attention.

As part of promoting his recent film, Raees SRK had been to Pune where he interacted with students in Symbiosis Institute of dESIGN (SID) and also danced with them. Saima Hussain who was standing in the front row was captured in the selfie that went viral after SRK posted it on social media. People didn’t talk about the Bollywood star but rather commented on the looks of the gorgeous girl who was a third-year student at the Institute.

People came to know about the beautiful girl who belonged to Srinagar after her friend tagged her in the comment box.

Srinagar girl in SRK selfie

Saima was an organizer of the event at college and hardly managed to be in the front row while making her way through the crowd.  She told the Buzzfeed India, “I thought she was joking at first, but then I started getting calls and messages from everyone. The moment I checked for myself, it felt so surreal,”

Srinagar girl felt overwhelmed by her fame and attention she got after her phone flooded with messages and beeped every moment with calls from and acquantices. “I didn’t expect to be in the front row because of the insane number of people present. My friend helped me get through the crowd and I was lucky that the heads for the fest were allowed to stand in the front row.”

There is no doubt that beautiful valley of Kashmir is filled with gems like Zaira Waseem and Saima Hussain Mir, but would India care to impeach itself for atrocities it committed through the deployment of 700,000 troops in the beautiful valley whose residents are a victim of brutality.

No wonders if Saima manages to get a role in film opposite to Shahrukh Khan, as Arshad Khan aka Pakistani Chaiwala ended up getting lucrative offers from showbiz world after he became viral on social media.celebrity


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