Starbucks new green cups

A red cup is more likely to surpass a red-neck when it comes to offending the public. In the same way, going green campaigns are not a way to promote the greener and cleaner environment, unity and peace but they simply promote a religion labelled with a tag of terrorism.

New green design with the amalgam of different faces at the centre was just intended to convey a message of peace, unity and humanity for the public.

Starbucks new green cups, outraged the customers as they perceived new designs as an attempt to promote Islam. Such reaction on Starbucks new designs is a mere manifestation of prevalent Islamophobia in Europe and America.

Same reactions were witnessed last year on Christmas when Starbucks introduced the new red cups for holidays. Many customers badly rejected the designs by accusing them anti-Christmas.This year’s Green cups that are thought to be synonymous with the design of the Arab League’s Flag have put a testimony on islamophobics doubt who think that coffee chain is promoting Islam.

The conditions would have become much worse if the criticizers knew that fame of Starbucks is being exploited in Pakistan with the launch of a desi restaurant named Sattar Bukhsh. Attack on a brand name by modifying its name to meet the standards of people of an Islamic state was no less than a terrorism.

Many Twitter users also remarked that making the designs of cups controversial when we are facing with more severe problems like global warming, climate change and the leaders like trumps in the race of presidential candidates is just unmeaningful.


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